Great tips for hosting a baby shower

The American tradition of hosting a baby shower appears to have found huge favour amongst mums and mum-to-be over here. Many people consider, a baby shower a great way to celebrate the end of a pregnancy and the imminent arrival of a new life. Normally, the party or get together, is held a month or two before the baby is born.

There are no hard or fast rules when it comes to hosting the event. Traditionally, they are organised by either a close friend or a relative of the mum-to-be and they are usually held at someone’s house. But there is nothing to stop them being held at a restaurant or even a spa!

Who should come and what about the theme?


It’s a good idea to think about who should be invited, as it might be best to try and keep the gathering fairly small, although again, there are no rules. It really depends on how much is in the budget as you will need to provide guests with food and drink.

If you are the one hosting the baby shower, you need to discuss with the mum-to-be what theme she would like. There are so many cute ideas out there. Have a look at Pinterest and see what we mean! Once the theme has been decided, you can send out the invites and chase up the replies so you can keep on top of the numbers.

Some Baby showers include games for the guests to play


Some are more pampering - consider booking a mobile manicurist or beautician if your budget runs to it. ? Everyone loves to be pampered and all mums and mums-to-be, crave a little bit of “me time”. It’s a nice way of thanking your guests for coming too!

What about baby gifts? Not all mums-to-be will want gifts prior to their baby’s birth, so make sure you double check first. If this is the case, maybe suggest gifts just for her, like body lotions, DVD’s, gift cards etc. If baby gifts are acceptable, then think about giving, baby grows, vests, funky bandana bibs, socks, hats, maybe something for the baby’s room or some nursery essentials such as, nappies, baby wipes, cotton wool - you could make up a mini baby basket.

Over to you ... let us know your thoughts!

What’s your view- do you give baby showers a thumbs up or a thumbs down? What do you think about baby showers? Are you in favour of them? 

If you are pregnant at the moment, would you prefer to get together with your friends and relatives after your baby has been born, so they can come and meet the new baby? 

If you have been invited to a baby shower, did you feel under pressure to end up buying two gifts, one before and one after the birth? 

If you love them, what theme did you choose? We would love to see some photos- especially if you went for a funky giraffe theme! 

Have you any tips for hosting them? Let us know your thoughts, we would love to hear your views.

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