Halloween and Christmas bandana bibs

Having learned the lesson from the rather late arrival of the Christmas range of Funky Giraffe Bandana bibs, we have been busy designing our new range early this year. We are having a photo shoot next week and hope to have the range of Funky Giraffe Christmas and Halloween bandana bibs up on the website in a few weeks time. We hope that you will really like them!!

Being for babies our Halloween Bandana bibs are fun and not scary.

We have lots more designs being worked on both for our bandana bibs and for other babies accessories, but we always welcome suggestions. We hope soon to buy a new printing machine to help make more colourful designs and ensure the quality of our prints.

All our designs including the Halloween and Christmas range are screen printed using water based inks as these are less harmful on a product a child may chew. It’s all part of our commitment to ensuring the safety and quality of our bandana bibs, and baby clothes and baby accessories.

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