Healthy Little Feet

As with so many aspects of child-rearing, the sands of whether pre-walkers and toddlers should wear shoes have shifted over the years. We here at Funky Giraffe have baby shoes that dont interfere with the growth and development of little feet.

The normal, fully grown human foot has 28 bones, but a babys feet do not begin to ossify until they are at least 6 months old. Their feet are structured with just a lot of cartilage. As children learn to walk, they need the feedback and stimulus they receive from all the many points on their feet to help with their balance and to develop a good stance. Many podiatrists specialising in infant and childrens feet are now coming round to the idea that being barefoot as much as possible during this time results in healthier development for their feet and their posture.

But with all the outings you want to do with a baby, they cant just be barefoot all the time now, can they? Our super cute baby moccasin shoes tick the boxes for healthy baby footwear: square toe box, wide through the heel and flexible. These allow the bones and tendons of the feet to develop as they should and prevent problems later on. And with the interior padding and great colours, you increase the chances that your baby wont want to take them off and leave them in a restaurant.

These make a fantastic gift for new parents theyll be needing them before they know it!

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