Help raise funds for leading pregnancy charity Count the Kicks by recycling your unwanted items

Feeling your baby kick for the first time is probably one of the most incredible feelings a mum can experience. Up until that point, you may have known a new life was growing inside of you, but to feel your baby move is truly magical and a great confidence boost for any mum-to-be.

From that moment onwards, you can monitor and feel reassured by your baby’s movements. Pregnancy, like everything to do with children, is unique to the individuals involved. Some babies will start moving from 18 weeks, whilst others will be later, the most important thing is for mum to start to recognise their baby’s own pattern. If the pattern changes, it is important to seek medical advice immediately.

The charity Count the Kicks, is one of the UK’s leading pregnancy charities. It aims to empower mums with the knowledge and confidence they need to monitor their baby’s movements throughout pregnancy. By doing so, the charity, which is run solely by volunteers, hopes to equip mums with vital knowledge to detect early warning signs and  drastically reduce the number of families that experience the tragedy of stillbirth in the UK. Sadly a heartbreaking 17 babies every single day.

We are sure if you could save a little life, you would in a heartbeat. Luckily, Count the Kicks, has made it easy for us all to help raise the money needed to fund this worthwhile campaign. All you need to do is recycle and let the charity turn your unwanted products into cash! Everyday products like baby wipe packets, baby food pouches, Tassimo coffee pods, sweet biscuit wrappers, used stamps, printer ink cartridges and clothes and shoes can all be swopped by the charity for much needed funds.

So if you are having have a clear out, if your baby has had a growth spurt or you no longer need those maternity trousers, then bag it up ready to be collected by one of the charity’s regional coordinator’s. Please spread the word and tell your friends to get recycling! Not only are you being eco-friendly, as the majority of these items would otherwise go to a landfill, you are helping to raise awareness and much needed funds that really can mean the difference between life and death. So lets’s all get moving.....and help all mums-to-be to Count the Kicks.

Pregnant? Take a look at this useful advice from Count the Kicks

Always call your midwife…

If you notice a change in your baby’s normal movement pattern
If you have any itching or a rash
If you have a temperature or fever
If you have any pain including headaches
If your vision becomes blurred or you see colours or patches
If your hands or feet become swollen or painful
If you have any fluid loss or bleeding
If you have pain passing urine
If you have a “bad feeling” or feel uneasy in any way

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