Hidden dangers of Baby on Board signs

Safety signs actually cause one in 20 accidents.

The "Baby on Board" or its various variations are designed originally to alert Emergency Services to the presence of a baby or toddler in case of an accident.

Oddly enough though it seems these are a cause of many accidents according to research done by a major insurance comparison company.

Along with other clutter around windows in a car, the Baby on Board signs can restrict the view of the driver, and thus increase the chance of a accident. Obviously it’s dangerous for a baby to involved in any accident so new parents should be careful to make sure that any signs do not restrict the view. It is also a major safety improvement to keep your baby in a rear facing car seat for as long as possible. Rear facing car seats are much safer, but more expensive.

The research was based on a sample of 2,000 drivers, 46% regarded them as a hazard.

Perhaps the most safe Baby on Board sign is the one London Underground give out to mums-to-be to encourage commuters to give up their seat. Which is an excellent idea as my husband once gave up a seat to a lady who was not actually pregnant...

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