How Baby Hammocks Can Revolutionise Your Baby's Sleep

Baby hammocks are not simply a smaller version of a traditional hammock. They are specially created baby beds that have been used for hundreds of years and can help your baby sleep better than they ever have before.

Explore the benefits of putting your baby to sleep in a baby hammock!

Help Your Baby Feel Safe Secure After a baby is born and brought home, they are laid to rest in a bassinette or other baby bed that is very different from the womb. The womb has been the babys home for months, and typical baby beds feel very different to your child.

A baby hammock, on the other hand, simulates the environment of the womb in many ways. It cradles your baby in a safe, secure environment that will help them be more comfortable and sleep better.

This bed can help your baby transition from the womb to the world, and that transition period will help them feel more secure in the world around them.

Rock Themselves To Sleep As most parents know, many babies love to be rocked to sleep. The swaying motion helps soothe babies, but it can be hard for mom or dad to need to rock their baby every single time they wake up throughout the night.

With a baby hammock, your baby can actually rock themselves back to sleep! Its been found that babies will move around in a baby hammock, which moves the bed, and then they quickly fall back asleep thanks to the rocking motion.

More sleep for your baby means more sleep for you, and there is nothing better than that!

Healthy, Natural Reclining Position Many young parents feel a lot of stress when their babies develop colic or reflux disorders. As part of the care plan, its often recommended to allow babies to recline more often to help them get better.

When using a flatbed, its difficult to achieve this position. Baby hammocks, on the other hand, help babies rest in a natural reclining position.

In this kind of position, you can relieve your babys symptoms more quickly in a baby hammock than on a flat bed.

Keeps Babies On Their Backs Many parents are afraid of allowing their baby to sleep on a cot or other sleeping arrangement for fear that they will turn onto their belly, which can be very dangerous for a young baby.

When you put your baby to sleep in a baby hammock, you are ensuring that they cannot turn over off of their back and onto their belly. This can help to keep your baby safer while they sleep and help you sleep easier knowing that they are safe.

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