How becoming a parent can lead to the birth of a whole new career!

Drawing on your experience of becoming a parent, can sometimes lead to giving birth to some fantastic creative ideas of your own! David Solomons, director of Sungglbundl tells us how becoming a parent led to his own Eureka moment!

Necessity is the mother of invention

When my first child was born we did what most parents do, we went out and bought loads of baby stuff! Some of it we found really useful and essential, others barely got out the packet before we realised that it was an unnecessary item that we could have done without. By the time our second child arrived we had most of what we needed already, but could also look at other new products on the market with keener eyes. We could look at something and say “That’ll be really helpful “or “No, we don’t need that! “And then of course there are the things that you wished had existed to help you but hadn’t yet been conceived. Things that would make parenting easier!

It was during this time that I came up with an invention of my own called a Snugglebundl which has subsequently gone on to receive great acclaim and is doing rather well in the UK and now starting to cross into mainland Europe and the rest of the world. Mine was to simply add handles onto a baby blanket so you could lift and lay a baby as they slept without waking them, and at the same time avoid having to bend or stoop which really saves your back and helps a mums post birth recovery.

It did take us a lot of time to perfect the design and it has been a lot of work launching a product onto the market but it has been a lot of fun too. On this journey I have met a great many parents who have also come up with and launched their own inventions, all from having children and seeing a need to solve a problem. We’ve been fortunate to meet so many successful British brands over the years most of whom are parents that came up with ideas to make their lives easier. If you’ve been to an airport recently you would have seen how many kids have Trunki suitcases. A kid sized suitcase on wheels that your child can scoot around on. The Cuddledry towel that gives you both hands free when getting a baby out the bath, The iphone baby monitors, The Snoozeshade sun shade, The Pourty potty that is easy to tip out.  And many, many more! So many great brands have come from finding the solutions that people say “I can’t believe nobody’s thought of that already!”

Even the simple idea of dribble bib bandanas like those for sale here on Funky Giraffe are amongst those ideas, that if I was having another baby now I’d look at and say ”Yes, we need one of those!”

So the message is really, that if you come up with a solution to solve a problem with your baby or child then you may well have come up with the next big thing. If that’s the case then we wish you well. If not then you never know when that Eureka moment may strike.

David Solomons Director, Snugglebundl

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