How to help babies with Eczema

A friend of mine has a son the same as as my son (in fact as I recall we met at a maternity group), thankfully he is a lot better now, but last year at dreadful Eczema, in fact at his birthday he was stripped to his pants with his dad bent double holding his hands to stop him scratching his body. I did feel sorry for him.

Eczema will affect one in five children, thankfully most cases will not as sever as my friends son.  The symptoms can include redness of the skin, skin swelling, itching and dryness, flaking, blistering or crusting of the skin. Along with other skin conditions such as  dermatitis and psoriasis, Eczema can be anything from a mild irritation through to a horrid blight.

The causes and treatments is a bit beyond my own knowledge and would advise anyone concerned to speak to a doctor about it. But I will share this advise. With Eczema is is vital that the skin be kept moist, and part of that is to avoid many of the regular soaps which can have a drying effect on skin. We did come across one company called B Organic Skincare who designed their range after their own child suffered from Eczema. We have heard really positive feedback about their moisturizers and bath lotions.

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