How to Keep the Happy in Your Holidays

Whether you love carols, a big family meal, or opening gifts under the Christmas tree, the holidays are filled with fun and merriment. And challenges. But not to worry, take note of some of these tips and therell be no need to crack open the sherry just yet.

Family Photos 
If youre planning on a special image of your new baby decked out for the holiday (hint: We have some super-cute seasonal personalised bibs for adorable photos), try to minimise the ways this can go wrong. A baby in a high chair or being held is more likely to be camera-friendly at just the right moment, but youll do well to minimise the other distractions in the room. A candy cane or holiday toy can be an excellent way to focus your babys attention while adding a festive touch to the final result. Want your children and pets together for a blissful holiday picture? That is a lovely idea. Just realise its probably impossible but no problem. The biggest family photo failures are often the images we enjoy most. Children fighting, crying, pets gone wild, and everyone looking the wrong way are natural, spontaneous, and all the more charming for it. Digital photography makes it easy to take a series of pictures to honestly capture the mayhem sorry, charm of a family photo shoot. Post a collection of these and youre sure to entertain more than you would with any well-executed Victorian posturing. Dont get so caught up taking pictures that you forget to enjoy the special moments. We all love to look back on special times, but living in the moment is also important! So once in a while, be prepared to drop the camera and commit the occasion to memory instead. 

Traditions from different cultures

You and your partner may have discussed your beliefs but dont forget to discuss your holiday traditions. There could be a few surprises in store and these can become contentious once new parents are ready to share those traditions with their children.

Discuss it now. What were your holiday traditions growing up? What were some of your favourite moments? Talk about what time you like to open gifts you might both celebrate Christmas, but do you both celebrate it on the 25th? Compromise. Your familys celebrations probably wont be exactly what you experienced growing up. If youre from different cultures, find ways to blend your traditions so that the holidays are special for everyone. Keep the things that are most important to you without trying to recreate the past. Your familys traditions will become the special memories your children will cherish, feel free to make them uniquely yours. 

Holiday Food

Whether they are recipes passed down through the generations or your parents made their own versions of holiday food, meals probably played a central role in your holidays.

Be realistic. If this is your babys first holiday season, you might be tempted to cook every dish from your childhood. Remember that wee tykes wont remember what they had for dinner this year. Your better option is to limit the menu to a manageable size. So pick one or two favourites, and if you have more than that, try to spread them over a few days (there are plenty of special ones ahead over the Christmas period). Share. If youll be hosting a big holiday event, dont do it all yourself. Have guests volunteer to bring some dishes. Ask older children to arrange the silverware or put away jackets as visitors arrive. Youll have more fun if everyone is working together to make the holidays special. Expect mishaps. Drinks will be spilled, silverware dropped, and children will dribble. Plan ahead by having extras glasses, silverware and cleaning cloths close at hand to quickly avert a mini crisis and resume the festivities. A stockpile of our special satin baby bibs will add a dash of style to kids holiday attire while handling the food that they dont. Our practical larger bibs for older children and adults are a tactful way to help others who may be likely to make a spill once in a while. 

The most important thing to remember about the holidays is to take the time to enjoy your family and other loved ones. Dont be afraid to cut yourself some slack so that you can have happy holidays, too.

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