How to Keep Your Baby Looking Sharp in a Bib

Your baby doesnt know they look terrific in their new bib during your special dinner, but your guests do. Sitting your baby at a dinner party might not be something youll do all the time, but on some special occasions, or if your baby cant sleep, he or she will enjoy a place at the table with the adults and older kids.

With the right accessory you can dress your little one for the occasion, and not only will they look adorable, with our line of bibs and other accessories, babies and toddlers can feel absolutely comfortable in their fancy attire. At Funky Giraffe, we have an extensive catalogue of great ideas to help your little one join you at the dinner table. Here are just a few of the items we highly recommend.

Cutie Collars These frilly bibs will be the talk of the evening. Theyre not only adorable, theyre also made of the same soft polar fleece as our standard bibs. Check out our White Brown Spots Cutie Collar Bandana Bib, with a cute bowtie and frills this bib is just one example of how fun it can be to dress your baby up.

Satin bibs For very special occasions where there might even be a photographer present, we have a selection of silky smooth satin bibs, each one ornamented with a colourful bowtie or Satin Rose Applique Swirl.

Messy Aprons You might want to get your toddlers excited about the meal, and theres no better way than letting them help with the prep. Have them help prepare a simple, healthy desert, but just remember things might get messy in the kitchen. Our selection of Messy Aprons are fully waterproof and will keep their outfits clean. The best part is they look super cute!

We offer a wonderful selection of baby bibs for all sorts of occasions. If you want to plan a nice dinner party, and you want the kids to be part of it we can help you find bibs that will keep them dry and protected while looking as adorable as can be.

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