How to make the First Christmas with your little one extra special.

We love Christmas in our house, my children all want to put up the tree in mid-October as they are all so excited but you only get one first Christmas with your first baby so how do you make it extra special?

Here are some tips:

Ask for help. This is really important as you are likely to still be tired and getting used to not sleeping through the night and coping with the demands of a tiny person. You will likely find that parents and in laws would be delighted to be asked as they can spend some time with the newest member of the family. If they cant help, rely on your other-half or friends to help you. Delegate certain tasks like the fetching of the tree and basting the turkey.

Decide on what traditions you want to start for your little one. All my children have a Christmas Eve box which they get to open the night before Christmas. Inside are new pyjamas, a Christmas book and hot chocolate with marshmallows. It is lovely to all be cozy reading the night before Christmas before everyone gets up in the morning.

Try to include some routine in the day for a newborn. Even though its a special day your baby wont really notice that its Christmas and will likely be more fractious if their routine is disturbed so make sure they are still fed and go down for naps at their usual time. This will make them more likely to be happy and alert for the rest of the day so you can enjoy them.

Take lots of pictures. Even though your little one wont remember their first Christmas it is a beautiful experience you will never want to forget so be snap happy! Little ones often delight in wrapping paper so you will have some great photo opportunities with them sat in the middle of presents or if they are even smaller lay them beside the Christmas tree so they can look at the lights and that also makes for a great shot.

Remember to dress them festively! Funky Giraffe has some fantastic Christmas bibs which look totally adorable on boys and girls. They can all be found here:
Funky Giraffe bandanas also make great Christmas presents for new babies too and if youre stuck for ideas remember you can always get a gift card.

The most important thing to remember is not to get stressed over having the perfect Christmas. Enjoy time with your perfect new baby and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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