If Peppa Pig Was My Child…

I do adore CBeebies and Nick Junior, there have been many times where I’ve been late to the office as I’ve been dying to see what Mr Tumble has in his spotty bag but there are some characters that really get on my nerves.

Such as:
Peppa Pig
I understand that Peppa pig teaches us little ones about trips to the dentist but my is she cheeky and rude, from calling Daddy pig fat to being a show off, I’m really not keen on this little piggy at all.

Nina is no longer teaching kids science apparently it’s now called “engineering” yet the fancy name doesn’t stop her being completely patronising. Even for 3 year olds she seems to put them down with a smile, teaching them facts such as hot is hot and cold is cold as if they’ve just landed on planet earth.

If Poy shows me her Little Bo Peep impression one more time I’ll be tempted to take that crooked staff and shove it where the sun don’t shine.
I love Chris’s humpty Dumpty, I don’t even mind the grand old duke of York but Poy’s Bo Peep is akin to scratching nails across a blackboard.

Off Your Rocket
The rhyme rocket is watchable simply because I always find myself rhyming rude words, such as when they look for rhymes to sock, tick, hat and so on yet Officer Ditty’s facial expressions literally give me nightmares.

I applaud anyone who can lose their inhibitions to entertain a child but he seems to go a step too far so even the kids think he’s making a complete fool of himself.

Who are your favourite CBeebie’s characters and which one would you like to see less of?

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