Is your baby teething? Here’s our handy checklist of the main signs to look out for:-

Hold me mummy! If your baby seems far more clingy than usual, then it could be a sign they are teething. It’s tough to teeth- we forget, but can you remember what it was like when your wisdom teeth came through? Not great... Babies can’t verbally tell you they are in pain, they look to you to make things better, whether it’s changing their nappy, feeding them or taking away discomfort and so they show you the only way they can- they want you to stay close to you, as their main source of comfort. It’s natural after all....

Role Reversal! You maybe the one used to drooling over your baby, but now they’ve traded places and are drooling over you! Increased dribbling and drooling is one of the most common signs your baby is cutting their first tooth... and second and third.. you get the picture! You might not actually see the tooth coming through at this point, the saliva helps to cool down inflamed gums. That’s why it’s always best to keep their clothes and chests dry and free from dribble. ( Lucky we have so many bandana bibs for you to choose from!)

Hands on approach! When it comes to finding ways to help relieve the discomfort of teeth coming through, you will notice your baby will want to chew on pretty much everything that comes in their way... from your fingers, to books, to older siblings! All gummed up! You will probably notice your baby’s gums look redder and more swollen than usual. You can feel the gums and they will be harder to touch, your baby won’t mind you rubbing their gums ( go on- they won’t bite!) in fact, it will bring them some comfort if you do, just make sure your hands are clean first.

Up all night.... Some babies might wake up more often than usual if they are teething, due to the discomfort they are feeling. Remember they look to you for comfort and help. Crying times.. Your baby might seem more fretful and have a tendency to cry far more than normal. All you can do it offer cuddles and comfort. The teething stage, is just that, a stage and won’t last forever.

Red cheeks all round! Your baby will more than likely suffer from red cheeks during teething and sometimes this extends to their nappy end too!

Your baby should not suffer with a temperature, if they are teething and although some parents attribute diarrhea to teething this has not been scientifically proven.

If you are unsure what is bothering your baby or they are exhibiting signs of being unwell, always consult your GP or Health Visitor.

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