It’s a snip! Cutting edge tips to make sure you baby’s first haircut isn’t a hair raising experience!

A snip in time...

Whether your baby was born with a full head of hair or was bald as a billiard ball, one thing’s for sure, eventually they will need to have their first hair cut. So how do you manage to make things go smoothly? Some babies can be quite young, my friends daughter was born with so much hair, she looked like she was wearing a wig! She had her first hair cut at 17 weeks and went from a mousy brown to a blonde sensation overnight, as her roots were bright blonde and the ends were brown. Talk about a transforming haircut, she’s now almost 21 and still beautifully blonde!

A little heads up! So how do you know when the time is right to go for the first hair cut? If your baby’s hair is falling over their eyes, they are rocking the punk look or their luscious locks have turned into a tangled mess, then it’s probably best to make that first appointment. Many mum’s and dad’s feel reluctant to cut the curls, but at some stage you are going to have to- especially if you don’t want a little Max to be mistaken for a little Maxine!

Preparation is the key! If your baby is a little older, you could encourage some pretend play at home first. For example they could “ cut” your hair or perhaps act out the scenario with their toys. You could also rehearse by doing a spot of role playing with your baby. Pop them in a chair, wrap a towel around their shoulders and use your fingers to make a “cut”. This is a good way of explaining to them what will happen.

Top tip! Do not talk about having their hair cut, but hair trims instead. I guess none of us like the sound of having our hair cut off!

Pick your salon and stylist! Try and pick a salon and stylist you already know. If this is not an option, ask other mum’s who they tend to use. Perhaps look at some child salons, if you have any in the area. Sometimes hairdressers will do block bookings at kids play centres too. Whatever you do, choose a salon used to dealing with young ones, as you and your child will feel more relaxed in a child friendly environment!

Book the right slot! Avoid booking appointments too close to nap or meal times. You can look at booking shortly after, but never before! A hungry, tired toddler does not make for a relaxed salon experience! It might be best to book as early morning appointment, following the rested sleep you have all had the night before!!

Top tip! Call the salon before you arrive to make sure the stylist is on time, as you don’t want to prolong your visit unnecessarily.

Keep baby occupied Make sure you bring a favourite toy or book for your child to have whilst they are sitting in the chair, as this will help make them feel happy and occupied. Maybe have a snack or two to hand as well!

Keep calm! If your child is not happy to sit on the chair, maybe it will be better to pop them on your lap for this visit. Try not to get agitated or your child will pick up on this. The most important thing you want to achieve, is your child finds the hairdressing experience a happy one - as hair does grow back, which means return visits! If your child is reluctant to wear a cape, you might need to pop one on too!

Don’t leave without a lock or two! A lock from your baby’s first haircut is something you will want to treasure forever, so don’t forget to take a bag with you to collect a few precious samples! Put them in your child’s baby book, with the date and maybe add how they behaved during the event!

Have you any tips you might like to share with us? How was your baby’s first haircut? Are you a hairdresser, what advice can you give?

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