Keeping Children Occupied During the Holidays

We all know how hard it can be to find some free time when we have a toddler in our life. We all love our children and enjoy them relentlessly; almost. During the holidays, when were free from work duties and our family who we havent seen in ages surrounds us, we have an urge to spend time with those who we dont see on a daily basis. The issue here is how to keep your little ones occupied in a safe place while you indulge in some much needed alone time with family and friends.

The Kids Table
Weve all been there at some point of our lives. The adults sit at the big boy table while the munchkins talk and babble amongst themselves. Most likely youll be celebrating the holidays with family members who have kids that are both older and younger than your own. Dish off a bit of the responsibility to the oldest of the children and have them undertake the Mum and Dad duties as you enjoy your feast on your own terms. Just make sure the kids arent out of sight and that theyre wearing one of our funky baby bibs or burp cloths.

A Designated Nap Room
The holidays can be a kinetic time filled with noises, food, and constant movement. If youre tuckered out from all the activity, imagine how your little one feels? Whether it be his or her bedroom or a room that has been cleared and made into the designated nap room, make sure your child has a place where they can take refuge for frequent naps. If youre going to a family members house for the holidays, make sure to bring a baby monitor with you.

Colouring Books
Your child needs activities that they can do that pose minimal risk without having to attend to them with every moment. One of these activities is colouring. Once its established that your child wont eat the crayons or draw on the walls you can let them draw away without having to offer them constant attention. Cover up valuable objects with newspaper and supply your child with ample paper and crayons.

Race Cars Through on a Race Track
Find out if your child has a passion for cars, competition, and speed when you set up your own racetrack and let them have at it. Use masking tape to create your own race track that extends for as long as you want it to. If youd like to get the full details of your cousins most recent wedding that you couldnt make it to, construct a track that goes from the kitchen to the dining room, back to the kitchen, and ends on the foyer. Invite other toddlers to race your little one to make for a more enjoyable and lengthier race.

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