Low Birth Weight Babies and car seats

Low Birth weight babies are hopefully overall health but they do require special attention in certain areas.

Of course the primary source of advice and guidance should be your doctor and midwife, but here are some points you will need to bare in mind with regards car seats as they can effect a low birth weight baby differently. The biggest concern is that the seating position of a standard rear facing car seat can lower the oxygen levels of the baby.

Ask for advice from your doctor or midwife (never be afraid to ask)

So for the first few months try and avoid long journeys

It goes without saying never leave a child alone in the car

Try and have some one else drive so that you can sit with the baby

Lower the car seat so your baby is as flat as possible, but make sure you check the manufactures instructions first to ensure the position is safe for your baby.

Only keep your child in the seat for as long as necessary

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