Making Recycling fun for children

Despite the recent news of waste plastic to be sent to other countries to be burned, recycling is essential to our children's future, we simply can not carry on depleting the resources of the plant.


Changing laws on goods

Companies often design goods only to last a certain period of time. This planned obsolescence is increasingly at odds with society and the environmental ethics companies state they are aligning with.  Looking for goods which last can be more cost effective than cheaper goods you need to buy again. With the likes of eBay you can resell items after a certain period of time and this enables you to recoup the cost. 


Make it fun to recycle
Recycling contributes to reducing waste pollution and reducing the demand for new products. 75 percent of all waste is recyclable and most of that is easy to remove from being waste and into something we can reclaim into useful. To promote recycling, enjoy the task.

Use some waste materials to decorate the recycling bins, this helps them to teach the various recyclable materials and to be creative. Recycling will help children understand what recycling is, how it is made and why it is important. This helps children to understand what it is.


Teach children

Even as an adult, the climate crisis can be hard to comprehend, let along for children. Experimentation is a great way for children to learn and you can teach children the changing world by means of fun interactive experiments so that they can get to know the importance of preventing these changes.

Recycling is not just abut sensible use of scares resources, much of what we throw away if not properly looked after contributes to pollution which damages our environment. Batteries, & plastics are of particular concern. 

For instance, to show how pollution works, add concentrated (and colourful juice, or food colouring, and fill up two cups halfway with water. It is now possible to show them that adding clean water cannot change the colourful water and only change the colour of the clear water by mixing coloured water with clean water. This will better explain how pollution spreads and how pollution can be reduced and open a conversation on the effects of pollution.


Make a virtue of walking

Because pollution is one of the main causes of global warming, and adds to the damaged caused by air pollution, especially in cities. we should therefore teach children alternative ways of transportation. It's not only excellent for the environment to encourage children to walk, it's a good way to practice them. Consider taking public transport rather than a car for longer journeys and explain the environmental benefits of public transport during your trip. You may want to explain how electric cars are progressing and how they help to prevent car pollution.



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