Me-time On a Budget

It is amazing how time alone to focus on your self can benefit your physical and mental well-being. It relaxes us, leaves us happier, nicer and over all, just more positive. Unfortunately, once children arrive, me-time becomes nearly as impossible to find as hen’s teeth. But you must not give in, it is at this time when children are little and more demanding, that you must try harder to find time to yourself.

You don’t need to go away on weekends for your ‘me-time’, nor do you have to spend a hefty amount on spa treatment or going out. Me-time is simply is spending time to spend some time caring for yourself. Yes, it could be going away on a weekend with your girlfriends, or spending time in the spa with your partner. But it could be as simple as lying in on your own on weekends, reading your favourite book or painting your nails instead of wading through your dirty washing. And it doesn’t have to be long either. Spending ten minutes to yourself everyday will do the job just as well as a weekend away once a year.

What can you do?
1. Schedule a down time – Consider it as an appointment to yourself and make sure you keep that appointment.
2. Choose Low Key – Going for a full-on, top-to-toe beauty session is time consuming not to mention expensive, but a DIY face mask or hair mask is easy on your pocket and can give you 10 minutes me-time.
3. Paint Your Nails - If you are one of those women who can’t ignore the dirty washing or the mess after the has gone baby to bed, paint your nails. It’s not only satisfying, but the wet nail polish will literally stop you from doing anything else, or risk repainting your nails all over again and wasting more time. So, instead of stressing about the mess and the laundry, put on your favourite DVD, sit and chill out while you wait for your nails to dry.

Busy doesn’t always equal productive. Me-time may sound selfish, but in the long run, you’ll find that if you are happy and relax, you do more work and you do it better. Also, keep in mind that happy mothers mean happy children. There’s no point having a clean and tidy house when you feel tired and resentful of the time.

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