Must-Have Clothing for your Newborn

You become a parent long before your child is born. Being prepared for your childs birth means having clothing already at your home awaiting the arrival of your newest family member.

Here are some articles of clothing that you should be equipped with before your child moves in.

A Baby Bib
Even when food isnt around youll be thanking yourself for having a baby bib set at the ready. Our babies are expert droolers and exceptionally good at keeping food on the outside of their mouths. Bibs function not only as protectors of clothing but as napkins to help wipe up that excess breakfast, lunch and dinner. A new toddler can turn your house upside down; a bib is an easy way to minimise any mess. Check out our funky baby bib sets here!

One-Piece Outfits
Babies can get away with just about any style. They dont really care about what colour theyre wearing as long as what they have on is nice and snug. One-piece outfits are perfect for both sleeping in and wearing out. They keep your baby safe from chills and strong light, protecting them from the sun, cold and wind.

Hats Beanies
Hats keep our babies cosy and out of the sun and wind, which can easily cause their sensitive skin to become dry or burnt. Funky Giraffes rascal heart hats for babies are made from natural fibres, and come in a great range of colours, tones and attitudes lots of personality, and perfect for the colder months.

For an alternative look, dress your child up as the true rocker that they are. Our punk pantaloons will give your kid a little edge and make them stand out amongst the crowd. Despite looking tough around the edges our pantaloons are made from natural cotton so your kids can rock out while staying warm and comfortable.

Readying yourself for the unknown is daunting. Having the basics already at your disposal will lessen your anxiety and allow you to enjoy your newborn.

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