Must have Items for your Registry

One of the most exciting and daunting tasks during pregnancy is creating a gift registry. A registry makes it easy for baby shower attendees to find the perfect gift and lets mom-to-be (you!) relax knowing that you are getting the items you choose from brands you trust. Knowing exactly what to add to your registry can be nothing less than overwhelming, so we have compiled a list to help you do just that.

Baby Gear The first thing you will do upon leaving the hospital with your baby is to strap him or her into a car seat. Of course, you want your new arrival to be as safe as possible, so this is not the kind of baby gear to scrimp on. The best car seat for a newborn is a rear-facing seat with a five-point harness and detachable carrier. To get more bang for your buck, opt for a travel system, which includes a stroller, car seat base, and detachable carrier.

Furniture The cornerstone of any nursery is the crib. A good crib can be quite pricey, but the good news is that almost all cribs today are convertible, meaning that your child will get years of use from one purchase. A dresser/changing table is another necessity that will be with your child for years to come. This combo allows for the top to be used as a changing table while the dresser can be used for its intended purpose until your child is an adult.

Safety Every new mommy worries constantly about their baby. But you cant stare at your baby all the time, which is where a video monitor comes in handy. Most models have night vision so you can rest assured that baby is snoozing soundly. Its also never too early to start baby-proofing your home, so you may want to add outlet covers, cord stops, and baby gates to your registry as well.

Comfort - Baby slings hammocks After safety, your babys comfort is your next priority. As much as you might want to, you cant hold your baby 24 hours a day. But you can get products that will simulate that feeling for baby and (sometimes) for you. Baby slings are an excellent way to wear your baby (see our articles on mei tais and babywearing) and come in a variety of styles. Baby hammocks are suspended from a stand or from your ceiling and provide a gentle swaying motion while cocooning your baby in comfort.

Newborn essentials One of the most crucial items to put on your registry is a high-quality breast pump. Even if you plan to be a stay-at-home mum, at some point you will have to be away from your baby, and it is important to still be able to provide your baby with healthy nutritious breast milk. Nappies are another must-add since the cost of nappies in the first year of babys life can be staggering.

Of course there are many other items you may wish to add to your list, but having these basics will have you well on your way to creating your perfect gift registry!

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