My Must Haves for A Newborn

My little one is now 4 weeks old and here are a few things that I have found invaluable.

. Firstly is Ollie the Owl. This amazing sleep aid is not only super cute but really clever as it plays white noise as well as a heart beat and Brahms lullaby. It also has the option of a soft glowing light too. The best thing about this is the sensor, my little one loves the white noise and it turns itself off after 30 minutes but if baby stirs or squeaks then Ollie the Owl starts back up again and often this is enough to lull baby back to sleep.

We were in hospital for a week after the birth as baby was poorly and Ollie was able to keep him calm even when being taken off for regular blood tests. The soft light was great too as hospital rooms don’t come with night lights so it was a big overhead light or darkness so the gentle light in Ollie’s tummy was perfect for the nights.


. The Snugglebundl. This was incredible especially as I had an emergency C section and the time in hospital was really hard with baby sleeping in the high sided plastic cot and the Snugglebundl meant I could lift him in and out easily without hurting my stitches. Also during the night feeds, I was able to lift him out of the cot, feed him in the Snugglebundl while he stayed warm and then after he fell back asleep I was able to pop him back in the cot without disturbing him. Another plus with this was being able to gently rock him safely if he became fractious, this seemed to calm him down so we absolutely love this clever invention!


. Sleepsuits with inbuilt scratch mitts.  Baby’s have long finger nails and they are really sharp! Even after trimming them they can still do damage and my baby seems to spend all day with his hands right by his face! Scratch mitts are fine but they don’t stay on if you have a very wriggly baby and sleep suits with these as part of the design are so useful!


. The Snuzpod. Once we got home and baby could be in his own bed the Snuzpod was fabulous especially after a C section. Little one could be safely snug throughout the night right next to me so I could easily feed him and soothe him while knowing he is safe. Also it meant that I could lie in bed and watch him breathe and trust me, this is something you will do after you bring your newborn home! The Snuzpods are really beautiful as well as being beautifully made, a perfect place for your baby to sleep.



. A Stretchy Wrap. I honestly don’t see how parents can manage without some kind of sling and this is the one I and my husband used from very early one. It is super easy to get the hang of and really comfy for both baby and wearer. I found it really comfy after a C section as I could tie it quite high so it doesn’t rub on my scar. Popping baby in to the sling instantly comforts him and it means I can do things like brush my teeth and have breakfast which suddenly becomes a real achievement when you have a new baby!



. Cheeky Wipes. While we were in hospital we used waterwipes but I very quickly went off these. They are super expensive and when I tried to get 1 out, 3 or 4 would come out and they are really really cold too! Plus they are not good for the environment so I was thrilled when we got home and I could move on to my fabulous cheeky wipes. These are soft cotton cloths which you keep in a box with water and a drop of lovely smelling essential oil. When you have used one, and you really do only need one even for massive poos, you pop it in to a draw string bag in another box. When this is full simply throw it in the wash. It sounds like it might be complicated but it really isn’t and I love using them. They smell much nicer and I love being a bit greener too.


. Reusable Breast Pads. After my milk came in I started leaking a lot and I found the disposable breast pads just uncomfortable and not that absorbent, plus I was getting through too many of them so I quickly moved on to reusable ones and I am so glad I did. These wash and dry really easily and are really comfy to wear plus they don’t let any leaks through on to my clothes either!


So these are just a few things that have made the first few weeks much easier. Let me know your must haves for your newborn or what have you tried that just didn’t work for you?

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