Odd view of Westminster City Council on Breastmilk

We were in Covent Garden this weekend and popped in for some deeply sinful fresh cinnamon donuts from a very posh ice cream parlor called Icecreamist.

They are (in)famous for at one point making and selling ice cream made from breast milk (human breast milk I should add). I should clarify that they did advertise on Mumsnet for volunteers, rather than round up a group of new mums (being from a country background I know more about the ins and outs of getting the daily pink than I would like to know).

Anyway Westminster City Council stopped them selling it on the grounds that it was potentially a health hazard.

I have very mixed feelings about the concept of Breast Milk Ice cream (called Baby GaGa by the way), one of those things which I have to say its not for me. But I do wonder what Westminster Council Officials make of the many mothers who live and visit in Westminster and think nothing of feeding their delicate little babies this "health hazard" or in fact if any of these officials where fed Breast milk as a baby and lived to tell the tale?

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