Organising a christening, naming ceremony or naming day tips

Princess Charlotte will next be making her appearance at her christening and no doubt she will be as stylish as her mum, older brother Prince George and dad of course!

Are you thinking of having your own little one christened or perhaps you will prefer to organise a naming ceremony or hold your own naming day instead. However you want to celebrate, it will be a very special occasion. We have put together some handy tips on making the day go smoothly.

Save the date! Whether or not you choose to invite lots of people or keep it to close friends and family, be sure to send out your invites in plenty of time. Top tip! If you are hosting your own event and have flexibility regarding the date, take a peep at the sporting calendar, as you don’t want to clash with the footie ( or this year, the rugby world cup!)

What should baby wear?!  You might have a christening gown in the family, if that is the case then it’s great to be able to carry on the tradition. If not, why not start your own tradition and buy a gown you would like to be handed down throughout the generations. But if you favour a more modern approach, a pretty dress or baby chinos look super cute too. Our gorgeous satin bib range is a perfect choice if you want to add a touch of glamour to your little ones outfit, without spending a fortune. They are also a great way to keep your baby’s special clothes from getting wet or stained. Top tip! Make sure you have a burp cloth to hand so you don’t run the risk of any splodges on your own outfit! 

Where will your party be held? If your baby is being christened in a church, you might want to hold your party in the church hall- this is a good idea if you know other parents having their babies christened at the same time as it will save on costs. If you are having a naming day at home, think about the time of year as it might be possible to hold it in the garden.

Who will you choose as godparents or supporting friends? It is quite a difficult task as the role means different things to different people. For example, is it important to you for your baby to have religious mentors who will be there to help your child on their spiritual journey? Or do you see them acting more as guardians who can step in, if there is an emergency? Do you think they should be family members or live nearby?

Food and drink  Budget of course will have a part to play on the type of food and drink you will have at the party. If you are catering it all yourself, try and make things as easy as possible and use paper plates and disposable glasses ( you don’t want to be worrying about the washing up!)

And finally, whatever you do- don’t forget to charge your camera, video recorder or phone!

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