Outdoor-Friendly Winter Activities for the Family

Just because its getting colder out there doesnt mean you need to hideaway indoors. Each season offers a different array of fun-filled activities that you can do outside with your family and winter is no different. Talking of fillings, have you seen our personalised Christmas stockings? Be ready for snow, chilly winter evenings and fun days out with these great ideas for you and your family:

Snow Graffiti
Throw on your ski mask and hit your backyard for a little tag session. Dont worry Mum and Dad, youll be able to leave the spray cans in the garage for this one. All you need to do is fill a spray bottle up with some water and a little dye and you have yourself your legal graffiti spray bottle; just dont go spraying on the neighbours lawns.

Snow Cones
Imagine if food just fell from the sky. Well on a snowy winters day, thats just what happens. The main ingredient for any snow cone is of course, snow. With a little bit of syrup that you can either make at home or purchase from a store, you can turn your little one into a gourmet chef without having even to clean up after yourselves.

Ice Skating
Not every outdoor winter activity needs snow to be accomplished. When the weathers below freezing either head out to a nearby pond or lake thats been frozen over, or take to the local skating rink to carve it up with your little one.

Bingo Hiking
Heres another activity that is in fact made better when snow is yet to blanket the ground. Before embarking on your lovely winter jaunt, create a couple bingo cards that you can carry and fill out with you as you walk. When you spot something on your card, shout it out and fill the square in. Not only is this good fun but itll give you and your toddler a dose of exercise. In your frosty bingo squares, you can include things such as: robin redbreast, pine cone, squirrel, holly bush and fir tree.

Admire the Local Lights
One of the best ways to get in the holiday spirit is by checking out local Christmas lights. Walk around your neighbourhood and adjacent ones in search of the best holiday lights. Glowing reindeer, blinking Christmas lights, Father Christmases and elves go out and see what you can find.

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