Overlooked Gift Ideas for New Babies and Parents

You know we have just a few things for babies here at Funky Giraffe, but for those casting about for prezzies, wed like to point your attention to a few necessities that often get overlooked. Here are our recommendations for gifts that might not seem fancy but will be supremely useful and very much appreciated.

Bibs, lots of bibs
For parents the world over know only too well, the more little boys and girls babies eat, the more mess there is and washing to be done. Our large baby bibs come in affordable sets, and they just might save someones Christmas. Funky bibs are a parents best friend and there are never enough of them.
Post-newborn clothing 
New parents will of course receive the piles of newborn onesies and leggings, but they often dont receive much for the ages after that a few sets of snuggly warm outfits for 3-to-6 or 6-to-12 month olds makes a very smart gift (and a smartly dressed baby).

Diapers for 4 months and up
Babies love scarves too! (and their parents). Funky Giraffe have some super-cool baby snoods; perfect for winter, and great as a little, friendly Christmassy gift.

Bathing, sun cream and other skincare products
How much you can buy will depend on the strictness of the parents preferences if they want only specially crafted, all-organic products from Neals Yard, youll be looking at a rather expensive gift if you want to get more than a few tubes. Brands such as Earth Friendly Baby and Jason make ecologically sound products that are more affordable than Mustela and Weleda. A basket filled with washes, lotions, sun cream and barrier cream is a joy to receive!

A little extra something
Rather than a disposable box, consider putting your gift in an attractive basket or bin that can be reused. New parents need organisational items like you wont believe.

And it definitely wont hurt to include something for the parents wine, beer, good coffee, hot chocolate? The parents will raise a glass or mug to you, awesome friend, for remembering that they need a little TLC, too.

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