Picture this! How to photograph your baby

From the moment your little one is born they are destined to get caught on camera as much as a red carpet celebrity! So how do you ensure you can grab those all important precious first moments?


Check out our top tips:-


From the very beginning....


The eyes have it! Dont miss mums first look at the wonderful human being she has been carrying and talking to for an entire nine months!


Its a touching moment! Capture those very first cuddles


Baby comes first! Click away at those baby firsts, from first breath, to first feed and first sleep.


Bathing glory! Babys first bath is very special ( and scary!) Lovely to grab a pic, something to show at their 21st!


As time goes on ....


Timing is everything! Once you have established a routine for your baby, have a think about the best time to get that special shot. For example, your baby might wish to shun the limelight if they are tired or hungry!


Take focus! Focus on all those little dimples, special smiles and tiny lashes and tiny toes that make up your unique bubba!


Pix perfect! Since the digital age has really taken over, it isnt so vital to capture the moment in one shot, so snap away and delete those photos you dont want or need.


Setting the scene! We love the idea to photo baby every month/on a special day each year with the same object ( teddy, doll, cushion) as it really helps to show how much your baby is growing and changing.


The light of your life, also needs to be photographed in natural light where possible, so try and avoid using a flash where possible.


Practice makes perfect! Read the instructions and get the most out of your camera, you dont want to miss that special shot by pressing the wrong button!


And lastly, breathe a little life into your photos by setting them free... from the hard drive and show them off instead, your walls are your own art gallery!


Have you any tips to share? Dont forget we have a new photo gallery on our website page, if you would like your little one to appear, please email socialmedia@funkygiraffebibs.co.uk for a consent form.

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