Potty Training Success with Zero Effort

Potty training has always been a subject my friends and family discuss as they’ve found it so difficult. Now on my third child, I think I’ve finally mastered how to do it without any hassle although of course it usually depends on the child.

For example, my first child, Mitch is now 13 years old, I remember my ex mother in law forcibly holding him down on the potty as he refused to use it for a number 2. Distressing and unnecessary I’m pretty sure this contributed to him wetting the bed until he was seven years old.

My second child, poppy, now 9 seemed to pick it up in a trice. She hated anything dirty, hands or bum and so would climb onto the toilet, no potty required. She did give me one of the most embarrassing times of my life though when I attended a parents evening for my son. I’d risked taking her with just pants on, but then she had a number 2 accident all over the Lego and stickle bricks. I never did see eye to eye with that teacher again, or view stickle bricks in the same way.

Enter my third child, I’m so relaxed with Percy that I wish I could go back and have a little chat to myself when raising the other two. I’ve not even brought up using a potty as at 2 years old I thought it was best just to let her do her thing without any pressure. She still has milk from a bottle at night and loves her dummy, yet despite in laws telling me to remove them both I see very little point. I’m pretty sure she won’t have these when she’s 25 and sat in a board meeting so I see no reason to force the issue.

This so fa has worked with the potty. On a very warm sunny day I bought a cheap one as she played without a nappy on. She wasn’t interested so I thought no more of it. Then last week, without me realising, she took herself to the potty and now uses it expertly every day.

Of course she’s been congratulated but we’ve treated it as if it’s normal, no massive funfair, just a very big well done. Now she’s trying her best to climb on the toilet so she can be a big girl instead.

I’m sure it doesn’t work for everyone but I do believe after three that when you remove the pressure it makes for a much happier child and mother!

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