Protect and Prepare! How it’s perfectly normal to have the nesting instinct in pregnancy

It could be you have always been super organised, obsessed with cleaning and selective in the company you keep... or you could just be in experiencing a primal instinct dating back thousands of years, otherwise known as nesting.


So what is nesting?


Nesting can actually occur at anytime during pregnancy, but tends to effect most women in the third trimester and in some cases, it signals the onset of labour. So instead of soaking up the bubbles in a nice warm bath, some of us find ourselves up to our armpits in soapsuds instead!


According to a study conducted in 2013 by researchers at McMaster University in Canada, the urge to get our house literally in order, stems from the need to protect and prepare for the unborn babys imminent arrival. Controlling the environment in which the baby will live is part of this process. The same researchers also found some mums-to-be can become choosy in who they wish to have around them, preferring to select those they trust.


Nesting can take many forms, you could wish to paint the nursery, sort out yours and babys wardrobe, or scrub the walls and clean the floors until they shine! As in most things to do with pregnancy and babies in general, it is best to go with how you feel. Top tip! Always listen to your body and dont be tempted to overdo things.


Tasks to avoid


Avoid lifting heavy objects as you wont want to take any unnecessary risks. Likewise climbing up ladders as balance isnt always that easy with a bump! Ensure you have good ventilation if you are using cleaning fluids.


But dont worry if you dont develop the urge to feather your nest, upend it and start all over again! Not every woman will experience the need to spring into action and clean the house from top to toe! You can always ask your partner to do the honours, while you put those ( swollen) feet up, rest your ( aching back) and enjoy the art of delegation! Whether you nest or not, it wont make any difference to whether you will be a good mum or not!

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