Putin suggests that Valentines day for making babies

Former KGB agent, Abba fan, president of Russia and probably the second fittest world leader after Obama, Vladimir Putin has suggest Russian make more babies on Valentines day even inviting the music group Boyz II Men to put people in the mood.

The Russian Fertility rate stands at 1.6 babies per woman, well below the 2.1 needed to sustain the population. Added to emigration from Russia, the Russian population is declining and the government is keen to stop that.

Russia is not alone, Japan has one of the most elderly populations in the world and a fertility rate of 1.4 per woman, while in Europe the traditionally big families in Italy has given way to a fertility rate of 1.42 babies per woman. (The UK stands at 1.96 babies per woman).

Overall the world population is still increasing.

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