Quinoa as a weaning food for babies

Quinoa, is a great baby food, I found out about it when I was starting to wean my son and found these super organic baby foods from Plum. But as I really liked to cook for my son I started using Quinoa in my cooking.
The reason why Quinoa is so food and such a superfood, is that it has a very high protein content, as high as 18 percent, and a balanced set of Amino Acids, which babies need to build proteins, add that to the high content of fiber, phospuorous, magnesioum and iron again all essential for growth. To cap it all its gluten free and easy to digest, so really is a super food for weaning babies!
Quinoa can be cooked like rice or coucous and is easy to blend into other foods. Happy cooking but do not forget a good bib to catch the bits your little one misses!!

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