Research shows health benefits of Omega-3

Health fads come and go, and often it is easy to dismiss some of these things. But recent research has indicted there are significant health benefits to mother and baby.

There are a number of Omega fatty acids, these are so called “good” fats, Polyunsaturated fatty acids or “essential” fatty acids, essential since the human body cannot make these, but they are vital for the healthy function of the body.

In research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, indicated that mothers who took Omega-3 supplements prior to birth had babies which were significantly heavier than mothers who had been dosed with a placebo. Low birth weights of babies have been linked with a number of health problems with some babies.

Omega-3 often found in fish oils, particularly the oily fish like mackerel and some plants oils like flax seed and hemp oil. Animals which have a diet of grass tend to have more Omega-3, so grass fed cows produce milk with more Omega-3.

Although dietary supplements can be expensive, a varied diet which is rich in sources of Omega-3 should mean that you don’t need them. Using Rapeseed, Flaxseed or Hemp oil instead of your normal cooking oil can boost your intake, supermarkets often stock milk and eggs rich in Omega thre as the cows and chickens have been fed a diet rich in Omega-3 foods.

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