Should Baby Sleep In Your Bed?

baby cosleeping should I co Sleep with my baby sleeping

Many new parents as the question, "should I cosleep with my baby", Where baby sleeps at first is always a controversial topic, so I thought I’d shed some light from both sides of the fence.

My first baby slept in bed with me (as I was a single mum at the time), my second never left her own bed and my third slept face down on my chest for a whole three months.

I’ve experienced all sides, from sleeping with a bay as a single parent to co sleeping when hubby is in bed too and the only thing I would do different would be to change the strict regime of straight to cot with my second.

1. It wasn’t intentional with my first, I was a new mum and desperate for sleep, he wouldn’t sleep on his back so we nodded off as he lay on my chest. With no partner to please, this continued until he was 3 years old and I’ve never regretted it at all.

2. Then with my second, with a husband unwilling to share the bed with a baby, we strictly made sure she stayed in her crib. If I did nod off while feeding her, hubby would soon put her back where she belonged.

3. Then my third, she’s only sleep on my chest. My new husband was understanding and happy to follow my lead. Family and friends threw criticism though and even called me a “bad mummy” for letting her sleep in my bed.

Then when she reached 3 months, she slept easily in her own cot, but contracted an illness that needed hospital treatment. It transpired that her lungs were underdeveloped and she was incapable of breathing properly lying on her back so my method could have easily saved her life.

In summary, follow your instincts, don’t let others tell you how to sleep with your own child, the main thing is you are both happy and healthy that includes a great night’s sleep and easy breathing!

Do you prefer co sleeping or would you never consider it?

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