Solutions for Dribble Rash

Until youve had a baby, you cant really imagine the sheer volume of liquids theyll produce. This volume goes up significantly once they begin teething, which can start before four months of age and is often accompanied by a near-constant flow of saliva out of the mouth. The state of their skin and clothing being constantly wet is why so many babies develop whats called dribble or drool rash. The rash can develop over the chin, cheeks, neck and chest and can prompt or worsen an eczema outbreak.

First, youll need a heaping pile of large bibs to keep the little one dry and comfortable. Change bibs frequently so that baby doesnt have something wet on his or her skin all the time. Keeping the skin dry and clean is the first step to keeping the rash in check. To clean, use the absolute mildest, hypoallergenic cleanser you can find (such as a Mustela product). If you have a roly-poly baby, be sure to get in the folds of the neck, where saliva can gather and leave bacteria.

For skin soothers, you have quite a few safe, non-toxic choices:
Weleda makes a calendula cream that provides safe, non-toxic relief. 
Aloe vera gel is effective and provides a barrier to keep skin from being wet. 
Coconut oil is also suitable for soothing, but it wont provide a barrier so might not be effective against stubborn cases. 
Loads of mums have good results with Lansinoh; if youre nursing, you might already have some around the house. 
Vaseline is often recommended because it provides a physical barrier, but traces of it could make their way into the mouth, so use it only for the chest. 
Cautions: If the rash is resulting in broken skin or has any kind of smell, see your pediatrician as this could be a sign of infection or fungal growth. And if the rash turns into crusty patches, this could be eczema, which might warrant a steroid cream depending on the severity.

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