Special Days of the Week

Although I spend every minute of free time I can with all three children, I’m not a conventional mummy, as I work 60 hours a week and have done since my first baby was born over 12 years ago.

I used childcare sparingly for my first, as he was a delight to take to work- the bonus of being self-employed. For my second I used childcare a LOT, as she was quite hyper active and getting anything done was impossible, for Percy, my husband has taken the reins . Since I stopped breast feeding he has taken over the night time feeds, he sleeps with her if she wakes in the night, he looks after her all day and then works on a weekend.

So weekends are known as Mummy Days!
At 2 years old my daughter knows when these arrive, she seems to have a sixth sense. In the morning she’ll wake up shouting my name, rather than shouting for Daddy as she does on a weekday.

If I happen to go out without her on a weekend, she’ll tantrum until I return, as she does view it as our time. Obviously the older two spend a lot of time with us too.
Lately we’ve been outside with the sun, we’ve bought some ducklings, chicks and baby turkeys and we’ve been teaching Percy how to be kind as one tight squeeze can be the end of them! On mummy days, Percy also refuses to have a nap so we have to find activities all day long.

I’m lucky as my husband does most of the housework during the week as I work so a lot of the time I can concentrate on the children on a weekend. When hubby has the weekend off too, I give him the break he deserves and let him go tinker with wood in his workshop or simply watch the football uninterrupted.

Talking to friends they told me about special days during the week that they have such as a princess day, Pancake Day, pyjama day and Lego day.

Do you have any special days?

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