Style wrapped up! Why choose bamboo baby bibs

Super soft and super absorbent, it’s no wonder many parents are choosing to dress their babies in what has been widely heralded as the new super fabric, bamboo.

We all know how sensitive s baby’s skin is and for those babies prone to eczema, bamboo is a great choice.

It’s naturally hypoallergenic, as well as anti bacterial, which helps to reduce skin irritation. Whats’s more it’s a breathable fabric, so ideal for warmer weather too.

And did you know it’s extremely absorbent, making it an ideal choice for a dribble bib!

Very sustainable, bamboo is a very eco- friendly fabric, as it can grow without the need for chemicals or pesticides, it also grows at a faster rate than any other plant.

It feels really luxurious too, as it’s incredibly soft to touch. This awesome fabric is also a thermal regulator, it helps to keep your baby cool in hotter weather and warm in colder weather! Isn’t nature a great provider?

Baby clothes and accessories need to wash well and this is a very strong fibre, meaning you can wash and wash these bibs and they will continue to look great.

Bamboo also contains natural deodorizing properties, which helps to overcome certain odours and also protects against the sun’s harmful rays, as it blocks out ultraviolet.

All in all this is one super star of a fabric. Did you know about all these points? Will you consider buying products made from bamboo now?

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