Surprisingly Awesome Christmas Gifts for New Parents

The winter holidays are right around the corner and, for many of us, that brings both the fun and stress of finding the perfect gifts for loved ones. If someone in your life is a new parent, there are plenty of great options. Parents tend to receive plenty of items at the baby shower but the gifts that follow can be limited to toys and clothing. The truth is parents need more items as the baby grows so Christmas can be the perfect time to make a new parents life a little easier. Here are great gift ideas from personalised dribble bibs to unexpected baby carriers.

Baby Carriers With a new baby, cribs tend to be the priority for new parents. Once their new little one comes home, however, the logistics of baby transportation become key. Whether they are going shopping or simply want to spend quality time while they do errands around the house, new parents quickly realise the need for better baby carrier options.

For comfort and versatility, the Amazonas Smart Brown Blue Earth Baby Carrier gets a gold star from mums and dads. Its ergonomic design provides comfortable support for both babies and parents. It easily straps on securely and can be used to carry the baby in front or backpack style along the parents back. This makes it simple to switch from cuddle time to an invigorating hike. Parents hands are free while babies are cradled in comfort.

Our range includes a variety of styles of carriers and slings, perfect for any parent. Select from high-tech carrier designs to traditional cotton slings that have been proven over countless generations. Many parents find that having several carriers works best. Each parent can leave straps adjusted to fit them and can alternate to a different style, depending on the weather and where theyll be carrying the baby.

Baby Hammocks Babies are all natural rockers. The gentle motion of rocking helps to soothe them and get to sleep. Most new parents have discovered the magic of even grumpy babies being lulled to sleep by the motion of riding in a car and hammocks can provide equally great comfort to sleepy babies. Rather than being stuck endlessly circling the block, baby hammocks provide the soft rocking that babies love, without the costly petrol bill.

The Kangoo Hammock provides gentle motion in an attractive, German-designed structure. The hammock design allows babies to rock on the hammock or the baby can be swaddled up for a more womb-like experience. The single-point suspension allows parents and babies to activate the swaying motion with little effort.

Accessories Big ticket items and cute gifts like clothing are generally the first items ticked off a baby shower gift registry. New parents generally dont even know to ask for other accessories items that could make their lives easier. This is where holiday gift-giving can come to the rescue.

Among the most-requested accessory items are things that parents would happily use every day, if only they had them. Parents who love using a baby carrier will be delighted with baby carrier inlays. These clever thermal linings are designed to fit into any style of baby carrier and regulate the temperature. While parents love the cuddles with baby provided by a baby carrier, heat can build up, making it uncomfortable. The inlay helps to elevate that problem while still allowing plenty of air flow around the baby sensitive skin.

Baby hats are another surprisingly important accessory. Regardless of the temperature, parents will want to protect their babys gentle skin from the sun and wind. Hats also have a tendency to go astray, making it important to have a supply of hats on hand at all times, in a range of styles to fit each type of weather. In the winter, even a brief trip to or from the car is a time to bundle up and keep the babys head cosy.

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