Taking your child for a hair cut

Unlike many other children, mine refuse to go to a hairdresser. So far, I’ve tried it three times with my daughter. And on all three occasion, she wasn’t impressed. She disliked the fact that she had to sit still while someone cuts her hair. So, for ten years now, I’ve been a hairdresser to my kids, and they have boring hairstyles.

But for many children, a trip to the hairdresser for the first time is exciting. In fact, I remember my nieces and nephews being so excited and proud about it. It’s a ritual that puts them on their way to becoming a grown up, and marks the start of a lifetime of different trends and styles.

Choosing the right time to take a child’s mop for its first chop purely depends on how much hair they have, and how quickly it grows. Typically, a first haircut is likely required within your child’s first 18 months.

Whilst most adults relish the chance to relax in a hairdresser’s chair, it’s sometimes not quite the case for a wriggly toddler. Parents can find a trip out for a haircut a stressful, tiring experience.

Preparation is key. Taking a big bag of lap-based toys will keep a child occupied enough to hopefully sit still in a chair. Most hairdressers are experienced in dealing with young customers, in fact some even specialise in haircuts solely for kids. It’s always best to phone a salon first, or pop in to see if they are child-friendly.

Whilst children’s haircuts can seem a little frivolous at times, they are beneficial in helping the child’s hair to grow thick and strong. Kids with curly or afro hair will require extra attention to maintain a manageable style, as well as children with multiple crowns or cowlicks.

Taking a child to the hairdressers from an early age will help them get used to the experience, hopefully making it easier for future visits. Most children actually enjoy sitting in a booster seat, in front of a mirror and being fussed over!

It can be quite dangerous to cut hair yourself on a small child, unless you are a trained hairdresser. Hairdressing scissors are exceptionally sharp and should only be handled by professionals.

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