Teething Tips

Cutting teeth can be a pretty painful experience for both babies and parents, take a look at our top tips on the best way to ease your little ones teething troubles.


Teething just like everything else to do with babies is unique and no two babies are therefore alike. Some might breeze through the teething process with barely a whimper, whilst others will feel it more keenly.


It could be your little one will show signs of teething quite early, but the average age tends to be approximately 6 months old. Signs your baby could be teething include, fretfulness, red cheeks and of course, a lot more dribbling than usual.


So what can you do to help?

Well give lots of cuddles for a start! Your baby will probably be more clingy than usual, thats because you are their main source of comfort and she will be looking to you to make her feel better.

Teething rings and teethers filled with gel, that can be put in the fridge to keep them cool, providing a welcome relief for inflamed gums are a good investment. Dont put them in the freezer!!

Rubbing your babys gum can also help, make sure your hands are washed beforehand of course and be prepared for your finger to be used like a chew toy!

Distraction can also work well, so try and take your little ones mind off things by reading to them or going out for a walk.

Try soaking a wash cloth in camomile tea, putting it into a clean ban and leave it to chill in the fridge. Take it out of the bag and give to your baby to munch on, she will like the coldness of the cloth and also the texture of it, which will help soothe her irritated gums.

Offer some more cold comfort! Hot swollen gums react in a good way to chilled foods, which can help comfort you baby. So offer chilled fruit purees if your little one can take solids. Frozen bagels and froze bananas are also good. Be sure never to leave your baby unattended though as you need to be aware of any potential chocking hazards.

Avoid dribble rash by keeping babys neck and chin clean and dry, use a natural barrier protection cream and of course pop on one of our bandana dribble bibs!

If you prefer not to use over the counter pain relief, you could think about making your own natural remedy. For example, natural vanilla or almond extracts are known to help soothe the gums.

Dont forget to book that all important dentist appointment!

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