The Benefits Of Carrying Your Child Using A Baby Sling

Cradling your baby protectively to your chest prompts such lovely feelings of devotion and affection. Holding your precious bundle close provides the perfect opportunity for serious bonding, but while doing this for hours at a time sounds like a joyous prospect, its hardly practical.

Baby slings come into their own here. They are designed so that you can securely hold baby close, providing comfort while releasing your arms to attend to other, less fulfilling duties. A baby sling or babywearing can make mobility so much easier; useful for indoors when youre busy and equally convenient for carrying baby when out and about. Sometimes you want to travel light (ok, maybe the term travelling light and travelling with a baby dont mix well) however, you might just fancy a trip without the pushchair. Baby slings eliminate the disturbance of having to transfer your snoozing child, eradicating the changing bag/baby/pushchair juggling act (never any fun) and lets not get started on pushchairs v stairs or busy streets.

Aside from the practicalities, babywearing can be hugely beneficial to the wellbeing of your child. Human touch and close interaction is known to aid bonding, providing security to your baby and comfort to both of you. You can rest assured that baby is safe and contentedly snuggled. Baby slings can provide an inspiring environment and this, in turn, enhances development. Baby can hear your voice and adopt a quiet alertness they are awake, relaxed and happy.

Baby slings (which are endorsed by professional throughout the world) can also be useful if your baby suffers from colic. The motion of being carried around can provide some respite and comfort. Other plus points include (for Mum) easier breastfeeding, but the rest of the family shouldnt feel excluded. To add to their convenience, a baby sling can be worn by any family member (bring on the proud to bursting grandparents). Speaking of family, the arrival of a baby heralds joy but also a little hullabaloo (in the nicest possible way). Babies often demand a huge amount of attention and if you have other children its easy for them to feel left out when you are constantly racing to pick up their crying sibling. Studies indicate that babywearing can in fact help to reduce crying by around 43% and its fair to say that a contented baby makes for a more contented family life.

Naysayers may suggest that you are spoiling your baby, but allowing him or her to be soothed by hearing your heartbeat, feeling your body warmth and recognising your familiar smell is certainly not spoiling. You are merely choosing to use a baby sling or baby carrier to ensure a nurturing and safe environment for your precious bundle.

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