The big bang theory- fireworks and babies, do they mix? Should you take your baby to a firework display?

Should you take your baby along to a firework display? We all know how loud fireworks can sound and that’s to our ears, so imagine what they must sound like to babies and small children. According to babysensory, fireworks register at 140 decibels, which is loud enough to cause permanent hearing loss, as any noise over 80 decibels can effect the development of hearing in little ones. They suggest using earmuffs for babies over 6 weeks old and leaving very young babies at home.

Check out these top tips if you do decide to go

Under wraps! Although we have enjoyed unseasonably warm weather well in to the autumn this year, there is little doubt a chill is in the air, especially at night time. So wrap up your baby in several layers of clothes and be sure to keep their heads, feet and hands covered too.

Keep little ones close! Keep hands free by wearing a baby sling, a forward facing one means they can look out at the action. Putting your baby in a sling is a good idea if you also need keep an eye on older brothers and sisters, as it leaves your hands free, making it easier for you to focus on the more mobile children!

Top tip! Keep a safe distance from the display and bonfire as sparks can fly! 

Never give a sparkler to a child under 5 years of age. These can cause nasty burns if incorrectly held.Make sure your child only holds the sparkler with their gloves on.

Every baby is different!  Some babies will love to see this multi sensory display of light and colour, whilst others might be frightened by the loud noises and the crowds. We all react differently to situations- and so do babies! If your child is showing signs of distress then the best advice is to beat a retreat! You don’t want to put them off coming to future events, or indeed loud noises, like thunder.

We love fireworks as much as anyone! They are hard to resist and even as an adult, I find them rather beautiful and magical when they light up the nights sky.

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What’s your view? Have you taken your baby along to a display? How did it go? Have you any top tips you can share? Or did you take your baby or toddler and wish you hadn’t? Whatever your view, have a great time on the 5th November, keep safe and enjoy a happy bonfire night.

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