The Evolution of Baby Fashions

Clothing and accessories for babies have come a long way. The stiff fabrics and constraining styles of the past have been replaced with cute and comfortable clothing that babies can happily wear all day. That means you don’t have to pick between having your baby look great and being able to move freely. Here are the ways baby fashions have changed.


Function Plus Style

In modern living, we are looking for stylish outfits for babies that also fit well into our lives. Fortunately, many different options are now available so that we don’t have to compromise style for function. Adorable t-shirts and tops can add plenty of fashion and fun while still being easy to change following spills.


Instead of traditional bibs, today the style is to use baby dribble bibs that are both practical and stylish. Bandana styles can be tied in a variety of ways and they look more like scarves rather than a square shaped bib that might only seem appropriate while the baby is in a high chair. Bandana type bibs can go on quickly whenever the baby is going to eat plus they can be used as burb cloths or place mats. This can make it easier to keep things (and baby) neat and tidy when away from home.


Travel Friendly

One of the key differences in baby fashions is due to the change in people’s lifestyle. While, in the past, babies spent most of their time at home with their mothers. Other than a trip to a grocery story or neighbour’s house, babies rarely left the house. Now we live in faster moving times. Babies may spend time in a nursery while their parents work, may visit grandparents, or can enjoy playgroups. This means babies should be ready for adventure.


No longer is it acceptable for babies to spend all day wearing only a diaper. To venture outside, parents want clothes that will be comfortable for their babies while they are in car seats, changing temperatures, and/or being snuggled by multiple people. Overly long outfits can become twisted or caught up, making it more difficult to place the baby in a car seat or high chair. Separate tops and bottoms or overalls over a onesie makes it easier to keep the baby covered and comfortable.


Wider Variety

In the past, the baby clothing choices were often limited to girly dresses and clothes that were clearly designed for boys. Now there are more multifunctional options available. Overalls in fun colours can be good for both girls and boys, making it easier to reuse clothes for the next baby. Many tops and bottoms can be mixed and matched.


Keep in mind that babies will become mobile before you expect it. Longer trousers can help protect babies’ knees as they begin to crawl. Short sleeved shirts arms to freely move as kids reach out or crawl. Strategically-placed snaps or hook and eye fasteners can make it much easier to dress babies and change their diapers.

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