The Lack of a Support Network - A Trip Away

By Martina Mercer
This weekend it’s my birthday and my husband and I are spending a few days of adult only time in a hotel. This has been planned for months and is something we never thought we’d be able to do ever again.

Unfortunately, my MiL who we used to rely upon to look after Percy decided she couldn’t do it anymore, whereas my mother has the two older ones and at 60 something three children is just a little much.

Then a great friend stepped in as she declared we really should be able to have some alone time, but as it’s the first time we’ll have left Percy without family we’ve actually booked a hotel just a few miles away from her house!

It sounds so silly when clients ask where I’m going as we’re staying in a hotel in Hull, not the most popular destination in the world, yet the point is to have some time to ourselves, so with a bit of luck the lack of scenery won’t matter.

My friend is a prescription nurse so I have absolutely no doubt Percy will be in the safest of hands, yet when I’ve finished work today I’ll still be writing another 3000 word essay detailing her routines and dislikes just in case!

When we lost our family support network I did feel a little disgruntled as I’ve always offered babysitting services to everyone, then I talked to my brother, living in London with twins that rarely sleeps he finds it even harder.

He hasn’t had a night alone with my SiL for 3 years and when I offered to take the children for a week he declined as he told me they wouldn’t sleep and they’d just worry so much it wouldn’t be worth it.
We’d love to hear about your support network, do you ever get time alone?

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