The Latest Allergy Advice for Your Little One

Feeding babies seems like it should be a simple task (other than getting them to actually eat). Equipped with a stylish baby bib, a parents biggest worry should be dodging thrown food. Unfortunately, concern about children developing food allergies have the process more challenging. In the late 1990s parents were advised to avoid feeding children certain foods in order to reduce them developing allergies. Now a new study by the Imperial College London is reversing that recommendation for most children.

College London found that feeding children egg between the ages of four and six months many reduce their risk of developing an egg allergy. Consuming peanuts between the ages of four and eleven months also reduced the risk of developing an allergy to the food. Meanwhile, College London didnt find anything to indicate that early exposure to milk, fish (including shellfish), tree nuts or wheat increased the risk of developing an allergy.

NB: Naturally, this does not mean that giving children foods to which they are known to have an existing allergy will somehow help them get past it.

And if youre giving your baby a new food and wish to keep an eye for a possible reaction, just give them a tiny amount and look out for: skin reactions, like eczema or hives, flushes and rashes; any swelling of the tongue, lips or face; vomiting and diarrhoea; or any trouble breathing, such as wheezing. If you have any concerns, speak to your GP beforehand.

So it would appear that the information on allergy development in infants is fast-changing. Whats not so fast at changing is your baby (see what we did there?), so why not help them change into one of our funky designs?

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The latest data is showing that our children benefit from early introduction to a wide variety of foods, so have those bibs at the ready, youre in for a long battle ahead!

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