The Tantrum that Turned into a Trip to Hospital

My two year old daughter has just begun to speak, which means she’s much easier to take on trips such as doing the weekly shop or a bit of retail therapy. Normally with errands like these one of us would stay with her at home as we understand how much longer it takes with a toddler and her tantrums!

Her tantrums however seemed to be calming down, so I’ve been taking her everywhere with me, from the dentist to my friend’s F Word Farm. Yet this weekend I had a nasty surprise.

We’d walked around the farm that Janet Street Porter filmed for the F Word and even bought some chicks and baby turkeys, for two hours she’d been ever so happy just chasing chickens across paddocks and petting the horses. It was an idyllic day.

Then it was time to leave. She wanted to sit in the passenger seat, not in her car seat. She’d seen her big sister with just a booster and thought she could do the same.

Patient at first I tried explaining, but then struggled to get her strapped in, she let out such a yelp that I thought I’d caught her skin in the clips! So I checked all over, she was fine and started the car, only to find the tantrum had turned into a massive attack where she was struggling to get her breath.

It was so scary I did think something was seriously wrong yet I got her treatment quickly and with cuddles and an inhaler she soon returned to normal. Despite the attack, the laboured breathing and going blue in the face, the diagnosis was – a simple tantrum.

I’m hoping I never witness another again, but just to be safe next time I’m going to the farm by myself!

What’s the worst tantrum you’ve witnessed?

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