The three things I wish I had known before getting Pregnant

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Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and while I almost all of the time don't regret having children (the incident with the paint and the sofa aside really), it would have been easier had I know then what I know now.


Everyone will tell you their experience and often these will be contradictory

Several times during my first pregnancy I managed to slightly freak myself out listening to others experience and comparing it to my own. Not to say they were not being completely honest but it's their experience and each one is different, as was mine.


Pregnancy plays havoc with my emotions

Not that it necessarily takes being pregnant to do this to me, but even though my Post Natal Depression was mild, it was difficult to realise what was going on, even harder to ask for help. I felt guilty about feeling this way, which with wonderful hindsight is not helpful or even right. There is a lot of help out there if only you ask and I think being prepared would help.

That plans can change

I had a lovely birth plan, music, essential oils and birthing pool in the nearby hospital. It was all going to be lovely, natural, spiritual experience.  Well that was the plan. I knew it could change, I think I was even warned it could change by the midwives but when it did change it made me feel terrible and panicky. It was the right thing to do, there was complications with my son with the cord wrapped round his neck. But again if I had been mentally prepared I would have handled it better.


Please leave the things you wish you had know in the comments below.

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  • GLYNNIS Evans on

    I forgot about the tiredness. I felt my eyes closing as I fed the baby. Its sleep depravation. Say yes to any help that is offered😏


    1) Leave your dignity at the door at the antenatal clinic, after numerous visits on the couch, legs up in stirrups, various people poking around your insides, your lady bits are just another number to staff , so nothing to be embarrassed about!

    2) If you start contractions in a fast food place, you get served quicker, as I found out, always handy to have a take away in the ambulance

    3) Do not worry about your partner while giving birth. When they pass out on the floor, people just step over them , as YOU are their main concern (as I found out too!)

  • Amy on

    1. Don’t feel you have to be dressed with a full face of make up for the midwife/health visitors visit

    2. You will loose track of days and not have a clue where your up to – but that’s ok

    3. That being pregnant doesn’t mean people are suddenly given permission to touch your body (bump) SAY NO if you don’t want them to.

    4. Everyone has a story to tell about pregnancy. Listen to them but make your own journey and memories

  • Kelda on

    Lack of sleep was my biggest fear. I knew it was coming and to be honest I was worried about how I’d cope. So many people/bloggers/memes etc go on about it! What would have been reassuring is to have known that yes, sleep could well be an issue, but actually you’ll cope!

  • Claire Hunter on

    A few things I wish I had known before pregnancy

    1. Pregnancy is not always a magical time. I waited a long time to feel “the glow” and it never came, I was sick for the majority of my pregnancy and it was really hard.
    2. Don’t put pressure on yourself to “carry on as normal” if you’re struggling. Your body is changing and you’re creating a new life, it is hard but so rewarding. You have to adapt and accept you may have limitations.
    3. People will try to put their two pennies in at all times, be it in regards to your pregnancy or how you parent. Just smile and nod!

    Finally, stock up on funky giraffe bibs. They are by far the best and you can never have too many bibs!

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