The three things I wish I had known before getting Pregnant

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Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and while I almost all of the time don't regret having children (the incident with the paint and the sofa aside really), it would have been easier had I know then what I know now.


Everyone will tell you their experience and often these will be contradictory

Several times during my first pregnancy I managed to slightly freak myself out listening to others experience and comparing it to my own. Not to say they were not being completely honest but it's their experience and each one is different, as was mine.


Pregnancy plays havoc with my emotions

Not that it necessarily takes being pregnant to do this to me, but even though my Post Natal Depression was mild, it was difficult to realise what was going on, even harder to ask for help. I felt guilty about feeling this way, which with wonderful hindsight is not helpful or even right. There is a lot of help out there if only you ask and I think being prepared would help.

That plans can change

I had a lovely birth plan, music, essential oils and birthing pool in the nearby hospital. It was all going to be lovely, natural, spiritual experience.  Well that was the plan. I knew it could change, I think I was even warned it could change by the midwives but when it did change it made me feel terrible and panicky. It was the right thing to do, there was complications with my son with the cord wrapped round his neck. But again if I had been mentally prepared I would have handled it better.


Please leave the things you wish you had know in the comments below.

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  • Sam Love on

    A few things I wish I knew:
    Pregnancy, for some, is magical but by no means is it like that for everyone. Had I known how sick I would have been with my daughter, I may have prepared myself somehow.
    (9 months of sickness was not the blissful pregnancy I had hoped for)

    I wish someone had been 100% honest about how a baby changes your relationship with your spouse – and even more so when you go on to have more than one child.
    Mostly good, but some hard bits too.

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