The waiting game... aka when will my baby be born?!

The countdown to the royal baby’s birth has begun in earnest, with lovely mummy-to-be Kate now on maternity leave and pundits betting the baby will be born on 25th April. The only clue to go on, is the baby is due sometime between mid to end April!

Even though the royal couple are keeping the exact due date to themselves, it is a fact that less than five percent of woman actually give birth on the date they originally think they will! Babies as we all know, are certainly not predictable!

If the baby decides to want to share the limelight he or she could be born on the Queen’s birthday ( 21st April) or her parents wedding anniversary ( 29th April). The point of the due date, is so your doctor can monitor how your baby is growing properly. If you are a first time mum, find out if your mum gave birth to you on time- or did you keep her waiting?! If this is your second baby, then you might find you follow the same pattern as you did with your first (mine kept me waiting!) According to royal sources, Kate gave birth to Prince George a week over due- so maybe the baby will not make an arrival until May!

Apparently half of the babies born will arrive after their due date- which means err... the other half are born on or before! 90% of babies are born within 2 weeks before or after the predicted date! The best advice is not to get too hung up on the actual predicted date as babies are not always amenable to parental schedules.....!

Did you give birth in your due date? If not, did your baby arrive early or late? Let us know!

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