The wheel deal! Top tips on buying baby’s first pushchair

And you thought buying a car was complicated- welcome to the world of pushchair buying! Are you newly pregnant and thinking of purchasing this all important big purchase? We’ve compiled some top tips to help you navigate your way through!

Wheels in Motion! First things first, how do you normally get around? Do you have access to a car or will you need/prefer to use pubic transport for getting around? If you are going to use public transport, it might be more suitable to look for lighter weight pushchairs that fold up easily. You won’t be able to put your baby down anywhere once you get her out of the buggy, so you want something that will fold easily      ( and quickly!) How big is your booty?! If you have a car, you need to think about how big your boot space is, as you will want something that will fit in easily.

Dem Stairs can be uphill work! Do you live in a flat or a house? Considering how heavy your pushchair will be is important if you need to go up and down stairs a lot ( with baby and shopping bags in tow!)

Flat Out! You need to lie your baby flat, for the first three months, once they are able to support their head, they will feel more comfortable in an upright sitting position than at an earlier stage. Look out for models of pushchairs that have a variety of sitting and lying positions. Top Tip! Time to get heavy baby... although many people feel using a sling will compensate for not buying a from birth pushchair, the reality is, your baby might be a bit too heavy for you to want to put him or her in a sling, until they are able to go into the pushchair. 

Basket Cases! Pushchair storage is a really important consideration, as it is so useful to be able to put bags underneath. Top Tip! Beware putting heavy bags on to the handles of a lighter weight buggy, as it could destablise it.

Casting Extras! Would the inclusion of various extras, sway you choice? Some of them aren’t strictly necessary! For example, do you really need to have a matching changing bag?! However, a rain cover is vital and many mums also like to have a cosy toes ( mini sleeping bag). Top Tip! If the essential extras don’t come as part of the overall package, make sure you find out their individual prices before you buy! 

More combinations than the Bank of England’s Vault! There are so many different combinations to choose from- do you go for a two in one, a three in one, a travel system, a three wheeler.... Have a good think about whether or not you will use all the elements and what is the most suitable to wheel around!

Space! Where will you keep the pushchair when you get it home? How big is your hallway/ under the stairs cupboard for instance? Under Foot! Where will you be using your pushchair the most? Do you live in a town or city? Do you want to walk the dog and the baby at the same time?! What you walk on most, will determine what will suit you and your baby the best.

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