The Wonders of Mei Tai: 6 Benefits of Baby Wearing

Have you heard about the wonder of Mei Tai?

Mei Tai is a traditional, Chinese baby carrier. While it is one of the simplest baby carriers around, it is also one of the most effective and comfortable ways to carry your baby. In its essence, a Mei Tai is nothing more than a rectangular section of fabric with straps at each corner.

But a Mei Tai is so much more than that. Lets explore the top 6 benefits of using a Mei Tai to carry your baby!

1: Incredibly Customizable For All Bodies The Mei Tai can be made to fit every body with ease. Because of how this carrier is structured, you get a very comfortable, snug fit every time. Everyone in your family can use the same Mei Tai thanks to the ease of customization with this type of carrier.

2: Still Provides Structure While there are many types of customizable wrap carriers that you can use for your baby, some of them do not have as much structure as a Mei Tai.

In a way, the Mei Tai is the perfect blend between very structured carriers that have buckles and wrap carriers. You get the comfort and flexibility of a wrap carrier with added, soft structure. There is no other carrier like the Mei Tai.

3: Get Stronger! Carrying your baby rather than using a stroller is a great way to get a fitness boost. The extra energy your body will put into supporting the extra weight will make your arms and back stronger without feeling sore or overworked.

Who doesnt want a little extra workout built into their everyday routine?

4: Bond With Your Baby Using any type of baby carrier that puts your body closer to you helps improve the health of both you and your baby through bonding. The closeness of bodies helps babies bond with the person carrying them, so switching to a carrier like a Mei Tai boosts your bond.

5: Distributes Weight Better While some wrap carriers are very comfortable, they quickly become bothersome because the weight is not properly distributed and puts extra stress on the carriers body.

The structure of the Mei Tai and its wide, two-shoulder straps helps to situate the weight in a way that is comfortable for your hips, shoulders, and back. No more aching backs from one shoulder carriers or thin straps!

6: Versatile Carrying Options Some baby carriers can only be used on the front or only on the back of your body. By tying the Mei Tai in different ways, you can use it on the front, side, or back of your body, which gives you the option to choose your carrying method from day-to-day.


Check out this video to see Baby Harmony in her Mei Tai!

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