Time for a Reality Check to Beat Postnatal Depression

There’s no denying that the birth of your first child is a wonderful joyous occasion that deserves a huge celebration however as more and more women are diagnosed with postnatal depression, I believe that the truth should be offered to expectant mums before the birth so they are prepared for the negative as well as the positive changes on their life.

As it stands many women hide feelings or struggles they face as their friends and family have hid these before them so they assume it is their fault that everything isn’t a bed of roses. This feeling of inadequacy can lead to postnatal depression as the fluctuating hormones compete with new emotions and a drastically altered lifestyle. It’s important for every woman to know that every first time mother struggles, and amongst the giggles, the cuddles and the bonding, there is an exhausting side of this new life.

Common Problems Include:

A Lack of Sleep
It seems ironic that when our bodies go through the most enduring experience we are not allowed the time to rest and recover. In other circumstances we’d easily take a few weeks off work, catch up on daytime TV and make everyday a duvet day. A new-born baby won’t allow this as suddenly those days are over and this can cause exhaustion, when all you really need is rest.

Anxiety and Panic
Suddenly you’re faced with responsibility of this tiny human being who can’t do anything independently. The overwhelming surge of love can leave us breathless when we spot what could be a rash or when they develop a fever. This all contributes to our emotional wellbeing and makes us feel quite wrung out, yet it is a natural part of motherhood.

Bye Bye Beach Body
There are a few lucky people who can endure pregnancy and birth without leaving a stretch mark or scar behind. For the rest of us we have now to contend with a distorted stomach, varicose veins and piles. Suddenly we wish we’d appreciated the mark free figure we had pre baby and lose a little self-esteem as we reminisce.
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